Fear not!

Two weeks ago we went on a camping trip. The journey across the mountain skylines had been spectacular and now as we came down the mountain road we turned onto road that ran parallel with the coast. Stunning views of the magnificent ocean only increased our holiday mood. The campsite was a simple turn off to the left of this road and within a three minute walk to the beach. A perfect location most would say but I was gripped with sudden fear. Being so close to the ocean suddenly made me remember the videos I had seen of the tsunami. Before the site had been paid for by my husband I was walking around looking for highest ground, the place that would offer me and my family the safety and quick route of escape we would definitely need should a tsunami hit. I wondered who else after the 2011 earthquake had such a thought like this. After settling on the options available I told my family where we would be running too should an earthquake hit. They both looked at me incredulous that I even had such thought.

As we were putting up the tent it struck me that this fear of the tsunami was actually a sin. My fear of being swept away by a wave meant that I hadn’t trusted in God for my future. It wasn’t wrong to look for the evacuation options but for me to have the fear of death was leaning on my own understanding. I immediately repented and ask God for forgiveness for this sin. He gave me the peace I needed and I rested in the knowledge that He is in complete control of my life and that he knows best for my life.

Why do we fear death? As a Christian I expected that my fear of death would dissipate with my faith but still the fear lingers like an ugly reminder of my weakness. I look up to the cross and put my hope in the only one who can help me through this sin.


Colossians 3:2

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.


In the beginning

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”


The very first verse in the Bible is stunningly simple and yet divides the world into those who believe it as true and those who don’t. There is no hidden element, no secret code to break,  no reading between the lines. The sentence just states the obvious, that God is the creator and that he has been in existence since the beginning and he brought the world into existence.


First blog post

I could spend hours deliberating on the title for the first post but I although I have the time now in my life to spend countless hours drinking coffee and considering all the possible titles under the sun there seems to be nothing better than the default title. So welcome to my post.